Short Hills Design / Google Analytics 4: Migration Process Training

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Learn how how to migrate your Universal Analytics accounts to Google Analytics 4 in about an hour, without wasting money on bloated, overpriced mega-courses, so you don't have to sweat it when UA is turned off.

Google Analytics 4:
Migration Process Training

15 Lessons
Our Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 Migration Training Course with Dr. David Wank of Short Hills Design will teach you how to migrate your Universal Analytics (GA3) accounts to GA4 using Google Tag Manager (GTM).
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Google Analytics 4 Migration Process Training


"Thanks for putting this together, great idea. Investigating putting it together as an offer to my clients in the new year, so thank you! 👍😁"
DJ Rippon

List Of Modules

0. Start Here

Watch Me First

1. Project Management

GA4 Migration Checklist
GA4 Checklist Video Overview
GA4 Migration Templates to Send to Your Clients
Using the Custom GA3-GA4 Migration Tracker
Migration Tracker Updates #2 - New columns added
Migration Tracker Update #2A - Data Validation and Conditional Formatting in Google Sheets

2. Google Tag Manager

Setting up Google Tag Manager (GTM)

3. Setting up GA4

Setup a new GA4 account to run concurrently with your existing GA3/UA account

4. Add GA4 via GTM

Add GA4 to your website with GTM

5. Setup GA4 Conversions

Configuring GA4 Conversions

7. Bonus Lessons

Connect GA4 to Google Search Console
Bonus: How to check for existing goals in GA3
Connect GA4 to Google Ads

You also get:

GA4 Checklist Image

Our GA4 Migration Checklist

The training expands upon the our Google Analytics 4 Migration checklist in depth.

Our GA4 Migration Email Templates + Discovery Form

You'll get access to same email templates that we use to explain the migration process to our client, and you'll also get access to our simple Discovery Google Form that our clients can fill out.
GA4 Email Example

Our GA4 Migration Questionnaire

Get the information you need before you perform a migration with our Google Form as a reference.

Our UA to GA4 Migration Tracker

You GA4 Migration Secret Weapon!

You'll get our custom Google Sheet where you can track the migration process for your website, websites, or client sites from discovery to implementation to 90-day data check
GA4 Migration Worksheet
Founder and CEO, Short Hills Design LL

Meet your Instructor

Dr. David Wank

My name is Dr. David Wank and am a Harvard-trained general dentist. I started my own Internet Marketing agency, Short Hills Design, in 2008, and I've been working with Google Analytics ever since. I've helped over 120 clients implement Google Analytics and interpret the data, and I hold my Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) exam certification, Google Analytics 4 exam certification, and Google Ads Search certification.

A Rare Opportunity for a Golden 2023

With the July 1, 2023 shut-off deadline getting closer every day, the demand for people who can help migrate websites to GA4 will only increase.

First learn how to migrate your own sites to GA4. Then offer GA4 migrations as an additional service by repeating the same steps!

Grab your training now before the price goes up!

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Google Analytics 4 Migration Process Training